Mainstage Cast Lists

William Lumpkin, conductor
E. Loren Meeker, stage director
Cast List
Cendrillon: Samina Aslam/Bethany Hickman
  Cover: Ruby White
Prince: Jesse Darden/Alexandra Rodrick

Madame de la Haltière: Kaitlin Bertenshaw/Sara Beth Shelton
  Cover: Kylee Slee
Noémie: Sarah Lennertz/Katy Polk
  Cover: Arielle Basile

Dorothée: Emily Harmon/Stephanie Zuluaga

La Fée: Maya Kherani /Sara Womble
  Cover: Jennifer Klauder

Pandolfe: Ben Taylor/Jorgeandres Camargo

Le Roi: Eric Ritter+

Le Doyen de la Faculté: Matthew Corcoran+

Le Premier Ministre: Darrick Speller+

Le Surintendant des plaisirs: John Allen Nelson+ 

La Voix du Héraut: John Nevergall 

1. Jessica Nicolet            4. Helen Hassinger
2. Kelly Vigil                    5. Francesca Shipsey
3. Chelsea Seener          6. Kylee Slee

Soprano 1     
Erika Anderson (Servant, Group 1)
Jennifer Jaroslavsky (Servant, Group 2)
Rebecca White (Servant, Group 2)
Emily Gaffney

Soprano 2
Alexandra Selawsky-Group
Kristin Howard
Rose Lewis
Denise Ward (Servant, Group 1)

Carolyn Aguirre
Naomi Brigell
Nicole Copeland
Kathryn Lazar
Rachel Steinberg 

Michael Aniolok (Ministre)
Morgan Chalue (Docteur)
Timothy Gorka (Ministre)
Thomas Petrino (Courtisan)
Joshuah Rotz (Servant, Group 1)

Kartik Ayysola (Courtisan)
Peter Brown (Docteur)
Benjamin Low (Ministre)
Franklin Mosley (Servant, Group 2)

SERVANTS (men and women)
Act I, Sc. 1 p. 4-10/12-15; Sc. 3 p. 24; Sc. 4 41-42/44-51/69-73
Act IV, Sc. 2 p. 337

DOCTEURS (Act II, Sc. 1  p.148-149)

COURTISANS (Act II, Sc.1 p. 145-147/150-155)

MINISTRES (Act II, Sc. 1 p. 151-155; Sc. 3 p. 181-185)

Act II, Sc. 3 p. 189-198
Act III, Sc. 3, p. 268-282/304-305 OFF-STAGE
Act IV, Sc. 3 p. 338 OFF-STAGE

+ denotes role plus coro

The production calendar can be accessed at this link.

The score can be downloaded at this link.          

Angels in America
William Lumpkin, conductor
Jim Petosa, stage director

Cast List

The Angel: Arielle Basile/Helen Hassinger

Harper Pitt: Kaitlin Bertenshaw/Kelley Hollis
  Cover: Katy Polk

Hannah Pitt: Sara Beth Shelton/Kylee Slee

Joseph Pitt: Franklin Mosley/Darrick Speller

Prior Walter: John Allen Nelson/Ben Taylor
  Cover: Kartik Ayysola

Louis Ironson: Jesse Darden/John Nevergall
  Cover: Matt Corcoran

Belize: Patrick Dailey/Bryan Pollock

Roy Cohn: Jorgeandres Camargo/Erik Van Heyningen

Vocal Trio
  Soprano: Jennifer Klauder/Ruby White
  Mezzo: Emily Harmon/Francesca Shipsey 
  Bass-baritone: Kartik Ayysola

The production calendar can be accessed at this link.
Scores will be distributed via dropbox.

Announcing the 2014/2015 season

David Kneuss Residency

Act 1 from Cosi fan tutte

Page numbers refer to Bärenreiter (1993)

Scene I (pp. 9-29)
                Ferrando-Jesse Darden
                Guglielmo-John Allen Nelson
                Don Alfonso- Jorgeandres Camargo

Scene II, III and IV(pp. 30-58, plus recitative on p. 62)
                Fiordiligi-Katy Polk
                Dorabella-Stephanie Zuluaga
                Don Alfonso-Darrick Speller
                Ferrando-Joshua Rotz
                Guglielmo-Franklin Mosley 

(Cut pp. 58-62)

Scene V, VI and VII (pp. 63-86)
                Fiordiligi-Helen Hassinger
                Dorabella-Francesca Shipsey
                Don Alfonso-Darrick Speller
                Ferrando-Tom Petrino
                Guglielmo-Kartek Ayysola
                Plus Coro 

Scene VIII and IX (pp. 87-106)
                Despina-Ruby White
                Fiordiligi-Katy Polk               
                Dorabella-Alex Rodrick

Scene X, XI, XII (pp. 107-163)
                Fiordiligi-Samina Aslam
                Dorabella-Emily Harmon
                Don Alfonso-Jorgeandres Camargo
                Despina-Chelsea Seener
                Ferrando-Matt Corcoran (pp. 107-133) Jesse Darden (pp. 133-163)
                Guglielmo-Ben Taylor (pp. 107-133) John Allen Nelson (pp. 133-163)

Scene XIV-XVI (Act 1 finale)
                Fiordiligi-Kelley Hollis
                Dorabella-Bethany Hickman
                Don Alfonso-Jorgenadres Camargo
                Despina-Maya Kherani
                Ferrando-John Nevergall
                Guglielmo-Ben Taylor

The Fringe Festival, now in its 18th season, is a collaboration between the Schools of Music and Theatre and the Opera Institute.  Its mission is to produce new or rarely performed significant works in the opera and theater repertoire, bringing performers and audiences close together in unique theatrical settings. 

Later the Same Evening
Composer: John Musto
Librettist: Mark Campbell
Music Director: Allison Voth
Stage Director: Jason King Jones

Elaine O'Neill: Sarah Lennertz/Katy Polk
Gus O'Neill: Jorgeandres Camargo/Darrick Speller 
Estelle Ogelthorpe: Emily Harmon/Bethany Hickman
Ruth Baldwin: Sara Womble/Ruby White
Ronaldo Cabral: Peter Brown/Franklin Mosley 
Sheldon Segal: Matthew Corcoran/Christopher MacRae
Rose Segal: Arielle Basile/Kelly Vigil 
Thelma Yablonski: Kaitlin Bertenshaw/Sara Beth Shelton 
Jimmy O'Keefe: Thomas Petrino/Joshua Rotz 
Valentina Scarcella: Jennifer Klauder/Jessica Nicolet 
Joe Harland: Kartik Ayysola/Timothy Gorka

Ruth Baldwin: Chelsea Seener
Estelle Ogelthorpe: Francesca Shipsey
Thelma Yablonski: Kylee Slee
Jimmy O'Keefe: Michael Aniolek:

Saturday, October 18, 2:00pm
Saturday, October 18, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 19, 2:00pm
Sunday, October 19, 7:30pm

Lane-Comley Studio 210

John Musto’s “Later the Same Evening” was inspired by five Edward Hopper paintings: "Room in New York," "Hotel Window," "Hotel Room," "Two on the Aisle" and "Automat." The opera explores the lives of the characters depicted in each painting while simultaneously interweaving them during the course of one evening in New York City.

Production calendar can be found at this link.

Scores can be purchased at this link.
Scores can also be purchased at this link.

La tragédie de Carmen
Adapted from George Bizet's opera by Marius Constant, 
Jean Claude Carriere and Peter Brook
Conductor: William Lumpkin
Stage Director: Jim Petosa

Carmen: Alexandra Roddrick/Stephanie Zuluaga
Don José: Jesse Darden/John Nevergall
Micaela: Samina Aslam/Kelley Hollis
Escamillo: John Allen Nelson/Benjamin Taylor
Zuniga/Garcia: Eric Ritter
Lillas Pastia:Morgan Chalue
Micaela cover: Helen Hasslinger

Sung in French with English supertitles

Saturday, October 25, 2:00pm
Saturday, October 25, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 26, 2:00pm
Sunday, October 26, 7:30pm

Peter Brook’s La tragédie de Carmen (based on Georges Bizet’s Carmen) is the story of a doomed romance between a sensuous gypsy and Don Jose, a Spanish soldier whom she lures into her world.  The opera will be accompanied by a 14-piece on-stage chamber orchestra.

Production calendar can be found at this link.
Scores can be purchased at this link.


Angels in America
Composer: Peter Eötvös
Librettist: Mari Mezei
 Based on the play by Tony Kushner
Conductor: William Lumpkin
Stage Director: Jim Petosa

Sung in English

February 19, Thursday at 7:30
February 20, Friday at 7:30
February 21, Saturday at 7:30
February 22, Sunday at 2:00
Boston University Theater, Mainstage

“Angels in America”, Peter Eötvös’s opera based on the award winning Tony Kushner play, tells the story of every day human experience: relationships, love, loss, cowardice and courage set during the early stages of the AIDS pandemic in 1980’s New York City.


Composer: Jules Massenet
Librettist: Henri Caïn
Conductor: William Lumpkin
Stage Director: E. Loren Meeker

Sung in French with English supertitles

April 16, Thursday at 7:30
April 17, Friday at 7:30
April 18, Saturday at 7:30
April 19, Sunday at 2:00
Boston University Theater, Mainstage

Cendrillon is the well-known fairy tale about a young girl wronged and her ultimate redemption through her discovery of true love. Massenet's ethereal score carries the audience into a dreamlike world of enchantment.